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Ingeteam Electric Propulsion

Ingeteam conducts a comprehensive analysis and performs deep understanding of the specific operational needs of our clients..

Hybrix Control Propulsion

Reduces emissions and fuel consumption, as the result of reduced diesel engine’s speed following the optimization of operating modes.

Thruster Control

Invertek Drives Singapore works with major thruster manufacturers to design and commission complete electric thruster control system.


PLC Panel

Our Integrated Automation System ( IAS ) features all necessary monitoring and control functions and delivers enhanced functionality of all electrical systems.

Building Services

The advanced optimisation function intelligently matches energy usage to the fan or pump load to ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency.

Winch Control

Invertek Drives Singapore has long working relationship with many which manufactures, cater to both electric and hydraulic winch system.


Invertek Drives VFD

Variable Frequency Drives

Bachmann PLC

The advanced optimisation function intelligently matches...

Energy Storage System

Microvast is a fast-growing market leader in design.....

Soft Starters

Reliable, easy to use soft start solution for your motor. Designed for maximum simplicity, these compact starters provide timed voltage ramp soft start and soft stop