• Over 1.8 billion kilometers e-range without battery safety accidents.
  • Fast Charging, Long Life, and Safe. Li-ion battery core material know-how.
  • Vertical integration from material R&D and production to battery system products.
  • Existing automatic production line with extensive production capacity for quality products.


Technical Advantages

MV-B Pack

External Simension W*D*H: 660*820*240(mm)

Application Area: public bus, bogie truck, AGV

MV-C Pack

External Dimension W*D*H: 660*1100*240(mm)

Application Area: public bus, bogie truck, AGV

Optimized Performance
High Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Pack,Optimizes The Structural Performance
Higher Energy Density
Higher Energy Density
Improved Flexibility
Improved The Flexibility of The Lining Adjustment
Temperature Control
Fluid Cooling Cycling Design, Equipped Water Cooling Board Inside
Higher Usability
Standard Case Size Makes Higher Usability
Protection Level
High Protective Grade, IP68

MV-B Pack MV-C Pack
Single Box
Single Box
4P72S 259.2V 60AH (15.6 kWh)
7P40S 144V 105AH (15.1 kWh)
8P36S 129.6V120AH (15.6 kWh)
/ /
/ /
Single Box
Single Box
5P84S / 5P72S
302.4V75AH (22.9 kWh)
259.2V 60AH (15.6 kWh)
6P72S 144V 105AH (15.1 kWh)
7P60S 129.6V120AH (15.6 kWh)
8P52S 187.2V120AH (22.5 kWh)
9P48S 172.8V135AH (23.3 kWh)

MV-F Pack

Application area: Logistics vehicles

1. With through-hole installation or M12 standby welding nut installation
2. Support liquid cooling to effectively control overall temperature
3. Optimize structure and material to save cost

MV-K Pack

Application area: Forklift

1. Full charging in half an hour can improve operation efficiency
2.The long cycle life makes the battery lifespan equivalent of forklift
3. High safety can meet all kinds of operational senarios.
4. High usability can meet all kinds of forklift systems, such as Counterbalanced forklift, reach stacker and pallet truck.