Advantages of the Hybrid System

Reduces emissions and fuel consumption, as the result of reduced diesel engine’s speed following the optimization of operating modes. Quick and Easy Switching between the different operating modes, thus making the system highly-flexible. Increased life cycle of gen sets and propellers, given that the number of their operating hours is reduced. Likewise, the maintenance intervals are longer, resulting in reduced associated costs. Increased propulsion options. Using Ingedrive, the electrical machine can work as a generator or as a motor. When it works as a motor, it can work alone or together with the main diesel engine. Redundant and highly reliable propulsion system due to the fact that the main propeller can be driven by the diesel engine and the electrical motor, increased system’s safety due to the power take home (PTH) functionality. Reduced acoustic noise and vibrational levels, thus increasing comfort on board

01. Engine

02. Generator

03. Main Switchboard

04. Frequency Converter

05. Distribution Transformer

06. Auxiliary Loads

07. PTI/PTO Generator/Motor

08. Gear Box

09. Main Propulsion Propeller

10. Maneuver Propeller