L-Series Type Tested Panels

The L-Series panel system is our market leading range of fully type tested, arc proof medium voltage panels. The L-Series combines extensive personal safety features and an easy-to-use graphical interface with comprehensive built-in motor/load protection. 

All AuCom L-Series soft starter panels are fully type tested according to IEC 62271-200.

L-Series panels are available in two distinct primary configurations: the L-Series MVE and the L-Series MVX. An ATS option - the L-Series ATS is also available.


MVE L-Series Medium Voltage Soft Starter Panel

M-Series IEC Style Panels

The M-Series MVE medium voltage soft starter is an integrated solution for motor control and protection.

M-Series MVE starters combine advanced soft start and soft stop functionality with extensive motor and system protection, plus a user friendly interface and complete commissioning diagnostics.


MVE M-Series Medium Voltage Soft Starter Panel

P-Series NEMA Style Panels

Available in NEMA 1, NEMA 12, NEMA 3R and outdoor rated enclosures, the P-Series MVE panel solution comes as a fully-finished cabinet including load break disconnect, in-line vacuum contactor, as well as built-in motor overload protection.

In addition to standard packages we can supply custom cabinets to deliver a complete line-up that meets your requirements


MVE P-Series Medium Voltage Soft Starter Panel

MVE IP00 Soft Starter

The MVE soft starter is a powerful and reliable solution for your medium voltage starting requirements.

An easy-to-use graphical interface and comprehensive built-in motor/load protection make this a well balanced solution for your medium voltage needs. MVE brings together sophisticated soft start motor control functionality in a robust yet compact physical configuration.


MVE IP00 Medium Voltage Soft Starter