The Main Components of IAS are the following:

  • Distributed Input/Output units connected in a redundant field bus.
  • Distributed Control Processors that controls the remote Input/Outputs units.
  • Workstations providing the Human Machine interface.

  • Extended Alarm System.
  • Extended functions such as Water Ballast Automatic Control, Power Management System.

The system performs the following control and monitoring functions:

Alarm System:

  • Alarm Monitoring System.
  • Extended Alarm System.
  • Dead Man System.
  • Bridge Alarm System.

Control engine room and cargo system:

  • Tanks sounding.
  • Control of pumps, valves, fans, etc.
  • Automatic Draught control system.
  • Ballast control system.

Diagnostic and maintenance tools:

  • Network diagnostics.
  • Long time data trending.
  • Online documentation and P&ID drawings.
  • Data export on CSV files for further analysis.
  • Remote service.
  • Running hours.

Engine monitoring

Propulsion control monitoring